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Jun 5, 2010


About Dr Harris

About Dr Harris

Family Doctor – 37 Years of Experience

A General medical practitioner located in Golders Green North West London. Doctor Martin Harris is  private GP in London with over 37 years experience in General Medical Practice.

Dr Martin Harris GP in Golders Green

He is also an honorary Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

A lecturer previously in the Department of Primary Care and Population Sciences (Department of General Practice). Royal Free Hospital & University College Hospital Medical Schools,London (1981-2005).

His research interest was in the department with disability in the elderly population; researching identification and assessment.

Qualifications / Memberships / Other Areas of Interest

Qualifications Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), London University (1971).

Dr Harris qualified in medicine in 1976 from The (Royal) London Hospital MB BS (London) LRCP (London) MRCS (England).

He qualified in 1981 as a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners MRCGP. Elected in 2002 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Memberships of Professional Bodies/Associations

This include British Medical Association, Medical Defence Association, MDU and General Medical Council.

A Clinical Assessor to the Independent Review Panel UK since 1996

Dr Harris is also an appointed External Professional Advisor (EPA) to the Office of the Health Service Commissioner (Ombudsman).

Particular interest in the preparation of medical reports for legal purposes, including on a ‘Single Joint Expert’ SJE basis.

Memberships of professional bodies/associations include the Expert Witness Institute (EWI), the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA). I am listed in the ‘UK Register of Expert Witnesses’ (JS Publications).

Medico-legal Reports for Solicitors

Dr Martin Harris has provided medico-legal reports for solicitors, Courts, insurance companies, employers and others – involving criminal, civil, family matters and clinical negligence.

He currently write reports. Court attendance is rarely required (once in the last three years). In civil cases, approximate proportions are 60% claimant, 35% defence and 5% single joint expert. In criminal cases, prosecution and defence reports are approximately equal.


Certificate 1971Certificate August 1976MRCGP 1981